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Standard Bank Insurance

Just because they’re a bank which offers insurance, doesn’t make them a bankassurer. Standard Bank insurance provides cover traditionally through brokers who source quotes from Auto & General, Santam, Hollard, Mutual & Federal, Regent and South African Underwriters. They also have their own insurance division Stansure, by which means they provide short-term cover to the public.

Standard Bank Insurance brokers provide household contents, specified items and car insurance. The products they provide offer standard cover for your assets, but can be consolidated under one policy. The benefits of insurance with Standard Bank include RoadCover, home assistance, and a no-fault bonus.


RoadCover is a unique policy offered by Standard Bank, which manages claims made to the Road Accident Fund. The RAF is responsible for covering medical claims for accident on South African roads. RoadCover will pay out the full RAF amount owing you and manage all the administration of the claim so you do not have to wait to cover your costs.

Home assistance

While most insurance companies provide an emergency home assistance service, the one offered by Standard Bank insurance is not limited to electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. The home assist includes other emergencies such as appliance repairs, pest control, tutoring and career counseling services, legal services, child line, entertainment, and referral services for other problems.

No-blame bonus

The problem with some insurance companies’ bonus schemes is that they’re dependent on you never using or claiming from your policy even if an accident was not your fault. Not with Standard Bank insurance. At Stansure, you can claim for an accident that was not your fault and leave your cash-back bonus in tact, as long as Standard Bank can recover their losses from the guilty party or his or her insurance company. Insurers usually claim back losses through their legal department from the guilty party of an accident, which should not, theoretically affect your cash-back bonus if you claim for such an accident.

Standard Bank provide other benefits to insureds, such as discounted premiums to senior citizens and automatic increases in cover to cover inflation. If you would like to compare more insurance companies’ products, fill in our online form and an insurance representative will contact you shortly.

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