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Car Insurance Quotes is unlike any individual car insurance company. Why? Because we source many car insurance quotes simultaneously for you over the phone and we don’t charge you an administration fee.

We have negotiated relationships with the best car insurance companies and brokers in South Africa to get you competitive car insurance quotes in one call. All you have to do is fill in the contact form above and we’ll call you, giving you access to a range of cheaper car insurance premiums.

The short-term insurance market in South Africa is competitive, which means insurers will do almost anything to get you onboard. But before they seduce you with more benefits, bigger bonuses and cheaper premiums, you need to know what to compare when getting car insurance quotes.

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Type of car insurance

It goes without saying that third party only cover is cheaper than comprehensive insurance. When comparing cover, make sure that you’re comparing apples with apples. This also means making sure that you’re comparing benefits. One insurance company might be cheaper because their cover does not include roadside assistance or towing. Make a list of benefits you need and compare only those insurance quotes that include those.

Extent of car insurance

Extent refers to the value of the car insurance policy. That is, how much will the insurance policy pay out in the event of total loss of the vehicle? Most insurance companies will pay out the market-related value of the vehicle at the time of the accident, theft or hijacking. Others may only cover you for trade-in value, which is a lot less than you need.

Excess payable on car insurance

Most insurance policies will require you to pay an excess or deductible. This is the first amount due when claiming on the policy and is deducted from the total amount paid out. Some insurance companies don’t charge an excess, while others will charge a percentage-based excess. Be wary of these. The percentage-based excess sees you pay a percentage of the claim amount as an excess instead of a flat fee. This means you will pay a lot more in the event that your car is written off.

Security requirements of your car insurer

Each car insurance company will require a certain amount of security on the vehicle you are covering, from an alarm system and immobilizer to a tracking device. The more security you have to include, the more chances there are of one of them malfunctioning and the insurer rejecting your claim. Also add the cost of the monthly tracking fee to your insurance premiums for a true cost.

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