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Hollard Insurance

Hollard InsuranceHollard Insurance Contact Details

22 Oxford Road, Parktown, Johannesburg
PO Box 87419 Houghton, Johannesburg, 2041
GPS Co-ordinates: -26.175975, 28.039110
General Enquiries: 011 351 5000





Hollard insurance gets you

You might not get Hollard insurance, but Hollard gets you. That’s what the billboards’ say anyway. The largest privately owned and independent insurance group in South Africa, Hollard insurance provides long- and short-term insurance from life and funeral cover to motor and home insurance. What’s more, they offer their products direct to the public.

Hollard funeral cover

One of their most renowned policies, Hollard funeral cover pays for all the funeral basics such as the coffin, catering, and transport costs. A cash payout of up to R50,000 (in intervals of R5,000) is available upon claiming. The value of the policy increases 6 percent per annum to keep up with inflation., and may include cover for dependents and parents (if they are younger than 76 years of age).

Should the policyholder also be the breadwinner, the policy may include a Groceries Plan benefit which pays out R1,200 for 12 months for day to day expenses while dependents get back on their feet. Hollard funeral cover is one of the most comprehensive funeral plans on the market.

Hollard car insurance

Changing the way short-term insurers view car insurance, Hollard’s Pay As You Drive insurance policy basis premiums, not on driver demographics, but on mileage. Your Hollard motor insurance premium is based on the amount of kilometres you do per month, whether for private or business use. The policy also gives you a month of mileage credit so you can determine how many miles you should be covered for, which saves you the higher per kilometre costs.

Hollard car insurance can include benefits such as a motor extender plan, which lengthens the duration of your vehicle’s warranty. Hollard also offers insurance for dents, scratches and chips so you don’t have to make a claim on your policy for minor damage.

Hollard accident and disability cover

As well as providing life insurance, Hollard insurance include personal accident and disability cover should you become personally injured and are unable to temporarily or permanently earn an income. The accidental portion of the policy also includes cover for accidental death for you, your partner or children.

Hollard insurance is available directly and through a broker. For more information visit their site, or contact them, to see how well they get you.