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MiWay Insurance

miway insuranceMiWay Contact Details

338 16th Road, Randjes Park, Midrand
GPS Co-ords: 2558.8946S 02807.7902E
PostNet Suite #382, Private Bag X121, Halfway House, 1685
24 Hour Emergency Assistance and WeDrive – Home Drive Service : 0860 076 764
International: +2711 990 0000
Fax: 011 990 0001
Information Email:
Marketing Email:
Compliance Email:

MiWay is not just for grannies

Who cares that it’s a granny, it’s cool because it’s animated. Right? The “rewards your way” insurer decided to do things a little differently to other direct short-term insurers, by allowing them to purchase and manage their car and home insurance policies online. What’s more, the MiRewards programme guarantees insureds a bonus even if they claim. Insureds get paid a premium refund when they turn out to be a better risk than originally assumed.

Miway insurance for vehicles
Unlike other insurers, who base your premiums on demographics and averages (which assumes your like everyone else your age), MiWay enables you to lower your premiums by monitoring your driving style with the MyDriveStyle product. A device installed on your vehicle monitors kilometres spent on the road, driving speeds, as well as braking and accelerating behaviour to more accurately measure your risk to them.

What’s more, MiWay guarantees fixed premiums for three years. Insurers increase insurance premiums year on year to keep up with costs of inflation. Fixed premiums eliminate this hassle.

MiWay insurance for homes
MiWay buildings insurance protects the structure of your home and outbuildings, such as driveways, domestic quarters, swimming pools and other fixtures on the same property as the home. This cover protects the home from perils such as fire, floods, lightning, burst geysers and other risks to permanent structures. MiWay’s buildings insurance can be taken out for thatched roofed homes, provided the premises are fitted with an SABS approved lightning conductor.

Miway insurance for contents
Even if your home does not have adequate security, My way still provides home contents insurance by means of their extended theft cover. This cover also protects those homeowners who travel frequently, leaving the home unoccupied for 60 consecutive days. The contents cover may also include personal liability insurance, indemnifying against damages to the value of R5 million suffered by third parties.

Miway insurance for portable possessions
An unspecified All Risk cover option may be taken out for all portable possessions under the value of R1,500. For those possessions of higher value, a Specified All Risks insurance policy can be opted in for.

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