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Legal Business Insurance


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Clientèle Legal Business Insurance

Litigation can sink any business – either big or small. It should therefore be a no-brainer to partner with Clientèle Legal, a user-friendly product available and attainable from Clientèle Legal Business Insurance.

From as little as R710 p/m you and your business will be covered by professional Legal Services, and for those that need a day in court, Clientèle Legal should be your obvious go-to option, where you and your business will enjoy affordable professionalism and excellent legal representation.

Running a small or medium-sized enterprise is a courageous step to take, so if you have decided to ditch your boss to go it alone, bear in mind that one of the smartest moves would be to use the professionals to assist with a multitude of services.

As a business owner you might ask the question – what makes the Clientèle Legal Business Plan so different?

The Clientèle Legal Business Plan has been created to offer essential legal protection to run a start-up enterprise, or a business that is already established.

The professional Clientèle Legal Business Insurance Plan offers advice and guidance, covering a wide range of entities, including labour issues, civil matters, commercial contracts and debt collection, amongst others.

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