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iWYZE Insurance

With more than 160 years in the insurance industry, Old Mutual has decided to go direct by offering direct short-term insurance to consumers through their iWYZE range of products.

iWYZE Insurance Products

  • iWYZE Vehicle Insurance (Drive WYZE Lite)
  • iWYZE Home and Contents Insurance
  • iWYZE VAPs (Value Added Products)
  • iWYZE Life Insurance
  • iWYZE Gap Cover

iWYZE Vehicle Insurance

No matter who you are or what car you drive, Old Mutual’s iWYZE Car Insurance products keep your pride and joy covered with cost-effective premiums that are flexible and tailored to your individual needs. iWYZE Vehicle insurance offers optional Cash-Back Bonus benefits and numerous other built-in benefits. The iWYZE Vehicle Insurance plan covers cars, watercraft, caravans, and trailers.

iWYZE Vehicle Insurance Products

  • iWYZE Third-Party only vehicle insurance
  • iWYZE Third-Party, Fire, and Theft vehicle insurance
  • iWYZE Comprehensive vehicle insurance

Drive Wyze Lite

Consumers can now get car insurance at 50% of the price of traditional car insurance with iWYZE Drive Wyze Lite. Old Mutual created this unique car insurance cover option for vehicles that are paid off in full and valued up to R75,000.

iWYZE Home Insurance

Thousands of South Africans rely on Old Mutual’s Homeowner’s and Household Contents Insurance to protect them against a myriad of unforeseen eventualities.

iWYZE Home Insurance Products

  • iWYZE Homeowner’s Insurance
  • iWYZE Household Contents Insurance

iWYZE Home Insurance

iWYZE Homeowner’s Insurance covers the structure (bricks and mortar) of your home from damage caused by natural disasters such as fire and flood.

iWYZE Household Contents Insurance

Your iWYZE Home Contents cover protects the movable possessions within your home. The Automatic Annual Premium Adjustment regulates the value of the insurance policy to match the value of your home annually to ensure you are not underinsured.

iWYZE VAPs (Value Added Products)

Always keep your vehicle in pristine condition with the iWYZE VAP option. Payouts do not affect your Cash-Back Bonus in any way. The iWYZE Scratch & Dent and the iWYZE Tyre & Rim Insurance products make it easier for you to keep your car in showroom condition.

iWYZE Life Insurance

Ensure your loved ones are offered financial stability with affordable, easy-access, personalised life insurance products, offering peace of mind should you pass away or be diagnosed with a dread disease.

iWYZE Gap Cover

Old Mutual’s iWYZE Gap Cover bridges the gap between your medical aid and any shortfall on your medical bills. In other words, it covers the difference in the amount your medical aid pays and what specialists charge their patients.

Insurance has come a long way. You can make use of the many user-friendly online platforms available to compare quotes and manage your insurance — an easy way to get the cover you deserve, saving you money by cutting out the middleman. Old Mutual iWYZE is there to ensure all your insurance needs are catered to in an affordable manner.

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