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Get A Motor Warranty

From MotorHappy

Who is MotorHappy?

With MotorHappy, you can get free quotes for a motor warranty. MotorHappy is an insurance aggregator that forms part of Motus Financial Services, a registered financial services provider. You can find a car warranty from top South African warranty providers through them.

How Does Motor Happy Work?

MotorHappy offers motor warranties to South African vehicle owners, whether your car is new or an older model. Their aim is to make motorists’ lives easier by covering their vehicle parts for an extended time after the manufacturer warranty has expired. Drivers can get the best warranty for their car’s condition, along with peace of mind with this motor management product.

They also offer qualified advisory services to help you get the best. You can protect your car more easily, because MotorHappy helps facilitate the process for you.

What Warranty Does MotorHappy Offer?

Keep your motor happy with a warranty product ideally suited to you. Save time and money by comparing insurance quotes and enjoying the assistance of qualified advisors who can facilitate the process for you. MotorHappy customers can enjoy the benefits of an extended warranty.

Extended Motor Warranty

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can benefit from an extended car warranty. Warranties cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns because of failed parts or manufacturer faults. A warranty is not an insurance product, but insurance companies like MotorHappy often offer them as separate products.

When your car leaves the showroom floor, it does so with the cars manufacturer’s warranty. It covers parts and components of the vehicle like electrical components, gearbox failure, the engine, and more. The warranty you get from your manufacturer won’t last forever.

Keep your stress levels low and cover parts with an extended warranty. You won’t have to pay out money to fix expensive parts that are under warranty if they fail. Extended warranties often come with added benefits and cover for components that might not have been included in the car manufacturer’s warranty.

What Do MotorHappy Warranties Cover?

Their warranty doesn’t cover services or maintenance. You will need a service plan to keep your service history in check. If the breakdown is because of normal wear and tear, a manufacturer warranty won’t cover it either.

Motor warranties are not the same as car insurance. They won’t cover events like accidents, hailstorms, and damage or loss because of insured events. They only cover manufacturer faults, and mechanical failures or electrical breakdowns within certain conditions. Your car needs to be within a certain age range or have driven less than a specified amount of kilometres for the warranty to be valid.

With MotorHappy, you can get a warranty that covers the gearbox, engine, suspension, differential, air conditioner, cooling system, turbo assembly, wheel bearings, clutch, CV joints, and prop shaft. Dealers should provide quality and approved parts when they are replaced and covered by the warranty. Cover usually doesn’t include brakes (brake pads) or the water pump.

Added Benefits

The MotorHappy extended warranty comes with added benefits for car owners. You can get towing and free roadside assistance when your car breaks down due to a mechanical failure or electrical failure that isn’t related to an accident. IF they can’t fix it on the spot, they’ll tow it to the nearest approved repairs company.

If you’re stuck away from home overnight because your car broke down, you can rest easy. MotorHappy often contributes to the cost of overnight accommodation or helps you pay for car hire. They can even send a message from you to your family or loved ones.

Tyre troubles? Their tyre change added benefit means they send someone to help change it wherever you are. The same goes for running out of petrol or diesel. They’ll arrange for a contractor to do a fuel run and deliver enough fuel to get you to the next garage.

If your car needs a jump start, you can call on MotorHappy when you own their extended warranty. They’ll even help if you’ve locked your keys in your car by sending a locksmith to retrieve it.

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