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You're already forced to pay high prices with petrol, toll roads and pothole damage, why choose to pay more for your car insurance too?

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Why you should insure with iWYZE

Even though real wisdom is spelt with an ‘s’, iWYZE makes for good car insurance. The short-term insurance product now makes Old Mutual underwriting available direct to the public without a broker. To compete in the direct short-term insurance market, iWYZE had to come replete with a range of competitive benefits from excess and retrenchment […]

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Standard Bank Insurance

Just because they’re a bank which offers insurance, doesn’t make them a bankassurer. Standard Bank insurance provides cover traditionally through brokers who source quotes from Auto & General, Santam, Hollard, Mutual & Federal, Regent and South African Underwriters. They also have their own insurance division Stansure, by which means they provide short-term cover to the […]

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Her car insurance

Her Car Insurance

Her car insurance is different to his; it even comes in pink and now in OUTsurance green. Because women drive differently to men, their insurance is cheaper. They are statistically less of an insurance risk. Her car insurance is also different because they need different things from it than men do, or so say First […]

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His car insurance

His Car Insurance

Despite what the European Court says, his car insurance is different to her car insurance because they’re badass. At driving. Sorry guys, according to statistics you’re more of an insurance risk which is why you pay more on insurance premiums than your prettier counterparts. His car insurance is expensive because statistically he has more accidents […]

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Primemeridian: beware the insurance value

While Primemeridian call their insurance policy Total Loss Protection, it’s not really. Sure it covers the vehicle for theft, hijacking, accident, write off and third parties’ property should you destroy it with your vehicle, it does not cover the retail value of the vehicle. Oh, you think, it covers the market value. Most insurance companies […]

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Crazy Insurance Claims

Crazy Car Insurance Claims

Truth is only stranger than fiction because it’s governed by Murphy’s Law. Having to explain to your insurance company that the trolleys fell off the back of a truck onto your car may not sound like a legitimate car insurance claim, even when it is. The AA in Britain has had a few such crazy […]

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Most expensive cars to insure

Top 10 most expensive cars to insure in 2012

Driving like a douchebag isn’t the only thing that makes you pay high insurance premiums. They type of car you drive is also a big factor. Not because it’s expensive to replace, but because of how much it costs to repair, the cost to the insurance company when to declare it a write off and […]

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Bike Insurance

Even Hell’s Angels can get insurance cover. Bike insurance used to be a huge underwriting insurance risk, given the nature of bikes and, even worse, the nature of drivers not to see them. For this reason it was only offered by specialist insurance companies and was more often than not really expensive. Motorbike insurance now, […]

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Cheap Insurance

Paying for someone to protect your assets and liability in case something that might never happen to you happens is awesome. Insurance rocks. While all the big firms would like you to believe that price shouldn’t matter, cheap insurance does because you don’t want to pay for ‘in case’ to begin with. There are ways […]

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A holiday insurance checklist can save you moola

Holiday Insurance Checklist

If you doubt the silly season you need only deconstruct a turducken. Before you and your family pack up shack for the holidays, make sure to check your car, health and life insurance is in order. The first thing you need to do though, is remind yourself of the exclusions in your car insurance policy […]

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