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Opting for viable legal cover is extremely important for both individuals and companies. Exorbitant legal costs can cripple one financially, so rather make the responsible choice and select a policy which you know will fiscally assist you to cover a percentage of these fees. Fill in’s online form to receive a selection of relevant comparative quotes from companies offering some of the top legal cover policies in South Africa.

The benefits that you will receive include the following:

  • Receive up to R 120, 000 legal cover annually
  • Get instant contact to legal advice for you and your family
  • Legal assistance available 24/7 for any emergency
  • Access to telephonic and face-to-face consultations
  • Contractual disputes, RAF claims, employment and divorce matters
  • Drinking and negligent driving claims, common assault



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“We found the perfect cover through with next to no work required on our behalf - various insurance quotes came directly to us!

De Klerks, Cape Town

Legal Cover Is For Everyone

Legal costs can run into thousands and in some instances millions. Few individuals can afford this type of legal help and that is the very reason why insurance companies have come up with an affordable option which costs individuals and companies a nominal amount every month and that will cover portion of or all legal […]

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Legal Cover is Important

Legal in Johannesburg

Legal clinics medicate legal problems, which, like medical problems, are usually expensive. This is why indigent citizens qualify for free legal assistance from any one of the country’s numerous law clinics. Available through the law departments of most universities, these clinics afford final-year law students first-hand legal experience and needy citizens access to legal services. […]

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Get Yourself Covered

Legal in Pretoria

There aren’t many advantages that go with being indigent, except for all the free legal services. Law clinics available at most universities around the country do just that; they offer legal services for free to poor South African citizens. In 1980 the Law Clinic at the University of Pretoria was founded by student volunteers to […]

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Best insurance broker. Ever.

Clientele Legal

It’s oft been said that the best legal advice costs R130, which is how much Clientele Legal charges their clients for legal cover. For R130 a month, insureds are entitled to 24-hour legal advice and legal services (after an initial three-month waiting period). The legal services available cover civil, criminal and labour matters and up […]

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Absa Investments is easier than you think

Legal Wise services

The wisenheimers of the legal industry, what with bumper sticker gems like “Don’t speak to me, speak to my lawyer”, Legal Wise are one of the more prominent legal insurance companies in South Africa. They provide legal advice, negotiation services and the drafting of official documents to their clients who pay a nominal premium every […]

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Love your office? Get office insurance.

Legal & Tax

Surprisingly, Legal & Tax does legal and, well, tax. The company functions as a legal insurance and tax advisory company providing a 24-hour advice help line to clients from R3 a day. What’s more, the legal insurance aspect includes up to R160 000 in legal fees, both consultation and representation. Legal insurance makes the legal […]

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Car Insurance Quotes

Legal Wise

Both legal and wise, because the two so often don’t coincide; Legal wise offers legal cover direct to the public in three sizes. Consumers can choose Gold Membership, GoldPLUS membership, and Platinum membership. The company covers a range of legal matters including labour-related legal issues, political issues and matrimonial affairs, such as divorce (which many […]

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Prosperity insurance focus on funeral cover

What does legal cover in South Africa include?

Unless you’re ridiculously indigent, you can’t qualify for free legal assistance in South Africa. Given that you’re well off enough to be connected to the Internet, we’ll assume you’re not poor enough to get Legal Aid, which is why you might need legal cover. Legal cover in South Africa is a specialized insurance product that […]

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Legal cover is imperative.

Get legal cover in South Africa

Not unless you’re poor do you qualify for free legal cover in South Africa, and even then you have to write a poor test. Legal Aid and law clinics offer legal cover to South African citizens who are unable to afford their legal counsel or representation. In order to qualify for this assistance, however, the […]

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Indemnity insurance is liability cover

Types of Indemnity Insurance

Unfortunately indemnity insurance is not insurance for insurance. That’s why we have an Ombudsman. Indemnity insurance covers professionals when they really expensive mistakes. While there exist types of indemnity insurance for almost every profession, they can all be divided into two categories: professional indemnity insurance or employer indemnity insurance. Whether you deal with members of […]

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