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Celebrity Insurance News

How about dollar insurance?

Lloyd’s insure the euro?

With the euro crisis pushing Greece further into a decision to opt out of the Eurozone, infamous insurance company Lloyd’s of London has taken up insurance on the euro. The company has plans in place to switch euro underwriting to a multi currency settlement if Greece decides to jump ship. The insurance company  which brought […]

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Copying celebrity chefs sees rise in personal injury claims

According to a recent study conducted by UK insurance company esure home insurance, more than six million people are involved in cooking accidents after trying to copy celebrity chefs that they see on Saturday Kitchen or Great British Menu. About 14 percent of the UK has experienced a cooking injured and caused damage to their […]

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Celebrity insurance

Celebrity insurance for Lindsay Lohan in new Elizabeth Taylor bio-film

Lindsay Lohan has been hired to play Elizabeth Taylor in the lifetime biographical film “Liz and Dick”, but not without producers taking out a bit of celebrity insurance. While most celebrity insurance policies see the artist take out health insurance to protect a certain body part, Lohan’s insurance policy is much akin to that of […]

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Bad insurance fraud

5 Famous insurance fraud cases

Insurance fraud is the oldest trick in the book because no one feels bad about stealing from what they think amount to thieves anyway. Insureds pay copious amounts of premiums only to get their claims rejected when they really need them, it’s no wonder these famous insurance scams were attempted. Faked own death Faking your […]

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Crazy pet insurance claims

Crazy Pet Insurance Claims

Medical aid for pets. Of course. Veterinarian bills are as high as some hospitals, which is why the proud masters and pedigree canines and servants of prizewinning felines have pet insurance. Fortunately for these pets, so did their masters, who were all entrants in the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. Hambone Award for most outrageous pet […]

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Michael Jackson insurance fraud

Michael Jackson’s posthumous insurance fraud

Only Lloyd’s of London can make the news like Michael Jackson, and not only with absurd insurance policies like alien abduction cover or immaculate conception protection. Michael Jackson took out an insurance policy with the renowned global insurer to cover his “This Is It” tour–one of their more conventional policies. The policy stipulated that if […]

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Almost insured Bollywood bodies

5 Almost-insured Bollywood bodies

Celebs insuring their body parts is no new idea, not since Bette Davis decided to insure her waistline. The craze has become so popular that not only has Adam Lambert decided to insure his crotch for his real performances, but Bollywood stars now too want to protect their livelihoods. Find here the top five insured […]

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5 Celebs who should’ve had mortgage insurance

Ever heard of mortgage insurance? Neither has Nicholas Cage, apparently. Mortgage insurance is a type of income protection which covers the outstanding amount on your bond or home loan in the event that you lose your job. It prevents the bank from repossessing your home after a few missed payments. Sure it’s usually limited to […]

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Adam Lambert insures his crotch for $1 million

In a long line of crazy celebrity body part insurance policies, Lloyds of London has taken on Adam Lambert’s crotch for $1 million should it be injured while performing on stage. The insurance policy is one of many absurd body part insurance policies Lloyds has taken out on celebs including Celine Dion’s vocal chords and […]

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Crazy Famous Insurance Policies: Thailand Riot Insurance

Insurance is a racket. We’ll give you that. But a riot? Perhaps it’s not that funny. Unless of course you’re insured for medical costs. Political riots do more harm than just physical damage, going so far as to cripple a country’s economy by influencing tourists’ decision not to go there. Which is why Thailand offers […]

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