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If you’re an aging, human being who lives in a house and drives a car, then you need to compare All Needs. This comprehensive comparison checks life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, car insurance and, if you’re so inclined, business insurance quotes too. No commitment. Just quotes. Because sometimes, size matters.



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De Klerks, Cape Town

South African insurance company survey

A recent survey was run by in conjunction with This survey run with over 2800 candidates gave some very interesting and pertinent data relating to; top insurance companies in South Africa, most insured cars in South Africa, colours of the most insured cars in South Africa and a couple of other very interesting […]

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Legal Cover Is For Everyone

Legal costs can run into thousands and in some instances millions. Few individuals can afford this type of legal help and that is the very reason why insurance companies have come up with an affordable option which costs individuals and companies a nominal amount every month and that will cover portion of or all legal […]

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Consider Virgin Insurance South Africa

Most stolen items on campus

Sure you’re sad to see your kid go off to university, even more so with your laptop and cell phone. This doesn’t mean that you get to cancel your all risks insurance policy. In fact, you may have to pay a higher insurance premium because of the increased risk of theft. University campuses are not […]

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Love your office? Get office insurance.

Most burgled areas in South Africa

Do you find it strange that your home insurance premiums increase every month because of those pesky first-of-the-month break-ins? Well then you probably live in one of these neighbourhoods. The South African Police Service released their crime stats for the period April 2011 to March 2012 in September this year, shedding light onto the state […]

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Stashing cash or home insurance?

Top 10 biggest mistakes when renovating your house

You’ve told your wife that renovating your home is an investment because what you spend in building you make up for in home value. That’s not always true, especially if your renovation includes a sauna and driveway turntable so you never have to reverse out your gate. To save money, many renovators buy cheap which […]

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Celebrity Home Insurance

5 Home insurance perils as costly as a fire

Total loss is always the worst case scenario in terms of home insurance, and there are only a number of perils that can cause such a thing to your home, such as a natural disaster or fire. While these are the most expensive perils your home insurance covers, they are not the most likely. Find […]

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Building Insurance

5 Hidden insurance dangers in your home

Your insurance company has this crazy notion in its head that it’s your responsibility to look after your own home. Isn’t that what premiums are for? Well, no. Your home insurance contract stipulates that the insurance company indemnifies you for accidental and malicious damage to the home, and not damage caused by poor maintenance. In […]

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Legal Cover is Important

Legal in Johannesburg

Legal clinics medicate legal problems, which, like medical problems, are usually expensive. This is why indigent citizens qualify for free legal assistance from any one of the country’s numerous law clinics. Available through the law departments of most universities, these clinics afford final-year law students first-hand legal experience and needy citizens access to legal services. […]

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