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Budget Legal Insurance

Are you worried that legal costs could affect your future financial stability? You can get legal cover from one of South Africa’s reputable insurance providers, Budget Legal Insurance.

Who is Budget Legal Insurance?

Budget Legal Insurance forms part of Budget Insurance South Africa. The brand is owned by Telesure Insurance Holdings. They are best known for offering South Africans from all walks of life affordable insurance products for a range of insurance types.

This insurance company offers long-term insurance and short-term insurance options, such as comprehensive car insurance, business cover, life insurance, and more. Their legal insurance cover options are limited but affordable. Whether you want the cheapest car insurance premiums or affordable health insurance coverage, Budget Insurance can assist you.

How Does Budget Insurance Legal Cover Work?

You can choose to get a legal insurance policy from Budget, or you can enjoy the legal assist benefit as an add-on to your current policy with this insurer. If you already have insurance with them, it’s best to check the policy wording in your insurance documents. You might already have the Legal Assist benefit as one of a bunch of benefits they automatically include.

If you don’t have cover with them yet, you can look at what each option offers below before deciding whether you want a standalone legal policy or just the Budget Legal Assist Benefit. The level of insurance you get will depend on the insurance package you choose.

What Does Budget Legal Cover?

You can choose from three options from Budget Legal Cover. The first is their basic Legal Assist benefit. The second is a litigation benefit, and the third is their mediation benefit. Depending on what you need from your legal service benefits, you may want to choose a specific type.

Budget Legal Assist

What is Budget Legal Assist?

If you’re concerned about the legal problems life can throw at us unexpectedly, this benefit can be of use. Legal Assist is one of the Budget key benefits that are automatically added to qualifying policies. These core benefits help you make sense of legal speech and help you with legal advice.

If you are looking for answers to questions about legal matters or advice for issues such as formal dispute resolution, you can speak to the Budget Legal team any time of day or night throughout the year.

Who Gets the Legal Assist Benefit?

Anyone who owns a Budget Insurance policy for comprehensive vehicle cover, motorcycle insurance, 4×4 insurance, third-party, fire & theft car insurance, building insurance, or home contents insurance, gets the Legal Assist benefit automatically. If you don’t have a policy with them yet, you can get an insurance quote for cover today.

How It Works

You can access any of the legal assist benefits on offer from Budget at any time of day or night all year round. When you face a legal emergency, you can rest assured that Budget is there to assist. Speak to their qualified legal practitioners over the phone about personal legal matters and labour related matters.

Budget Mediation Benefit

You can add this benefit to a current policy or purchase it as a standalone cover product. With the mediation option, you can get assistance with criminal matters and labour matters. The plan also offers assistance with family matters and civil matters.

We cover legal costs for the drafting of agreements like contracts of sale or wills by our qualified lawyers. Finally, this option includes unlimited cover for assistance in matters relating to identity theft.

Budget Litigation Benefit

If you are involved in any criminal, labour, or civil matter with court proceedings, Budget will cover your legal fees within the limitations set out in your policy wording. Within just a month after your policy begins, you can get cover.

The litigation benefit includes representation for bail disciplinary hearings and bail applications. Your cover amount per year is larger than the other options available, as well as identity theft and unopposed divorces.

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