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Crazy Famous Insurance Policies: Thailand Riot Insurance

Insurance is a racket. We’ll give you that. But a riot? Perhaps it’s not that funny. Unless of course you’re insured for medical costs. Political riots do more harm than just physical damage, going so far as to cripple a country’s economy by influencing tourists’ decision not to go there. Which is why Thailand offers riot insurance.

Unlike the riot insurance included in many car insurance policies in South Africa, the Thailand riot insurance does not cover damage to vehicles as a result of strike action or civil unrest, or war. No, it covers personal injury and financial loss.

The country has experienced political unrest since Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted by a military coup in 2006 resulting in the harassment of tourists. In fact, the riots were so bad, the country experienced an eight percent decrease in tourists in 2009. The country now automatically offers each tourist up to $10 000 in insurance if they suffer injury or loss as a result of riots. This also includes delays in travel up to $100 a day. The country has also waived visa fees as of March 2011 to encourage more tourists to visit the region.